Where is
St Edmundsbury?

Who was St Edmund
King and Martyr?
Local History in West Suffolk

The St Edmundsbury Chronicle
Introduction to this Chronicle:- origins, dating, acknowledgements
Man up to the Bronze Age 7mBP to 700BC
The Iron Age and the Roman Empire 700BC to 410AD
The Early and Middle Anglo - Saxons 410 to 865 AD
Viking Invasions to the Norman Conquest 865 to 1066
From the Normans to Magna Carta 1066 to 1216
The Middle Ages to Monastic Dissolution 1216 to 1539
Dissolution to Civil War and Restoration 1539 to 1699
The 18th Century and Napoleonic Wars 1700 to 1812
The 19th Century after the Napoleonic Wars 1813 to 1899
The Early Twentieth Century and its wars 1900 to 1945
The Late Twentieth Century 1946 to 2000
The Third Millenium - the story from 2001
Close up on Haverhill year by year
The Anglo-Saxons at West Stow and beyond (15 topics)
St Edmundsbury and the Domesday Book (8 sections)
Monastic topics:- St Edmund, religious orders, abbey buildings and hospitals (10 topics and 8 plans)
St Edmundsbury and the Magna Carta (9 topics)
The River Lark and its Navigation (12 topics)
The History of Fornham Park (1 topic)
Trade & Industry - watermills, clocks, guns, photography, baskets, gas, electric, Bobys, Denny's, work life (21 sections)
Military matters and American allies (4 sections)
Municipal topics:- Mayors, Freemen, Abbey Gdns, market, MPs, PMs and monarchs (11 topics)
Exhibits and Evidence
Exploring the development of early Bury St Edmunds (Includes the Antrobus Ph.D thesis) (15 items)
Local museums, museum collections and exhibits (15 topics)
Writs, Charters and Wills of benefit to St Edmundsbury (23 items)
Local Maps and Plans (66 maps)
Local Coins, Tokens and Banknotes (13 topics)
Local wall plaques and associated buildings (5 sections)
Reports, Official Openings, Guides and other picture stories and sequences, inc WWI (31 topics)
Places to visit with historical connections (6 topics)
Do it yourself mapping
Guide to DIY historical mapping using QGIS (19 sections)

Shortcuts to latest additions

Rose Mead, Bury Artist

Sybil Andrews Artist

Working Time Exhibition

Development of Bury St Edmunds

Walton Burrell Photographer

Photographers & Postcards

Civil Defence Plan 1942

Great War Picture Gallery

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